The general perception of news is to be negative, extraordinary, sensational and unusual that will draw the readers and excite them. This is the conventional strategy that mass media use to attract readership or views on TV and now empowered individuals on social media adding to their likes statistics.

If a dog bites a man, this is no news. However, if a man bites a dog, this is big news, worthy of a headline and possibly framed on front pages of the tabloids.

If a robber steals a lady’s purse, this is news, however, if a gentleman helps an old lady cross the street, this is no news worthy of being reported anywhere.

Conventional newspapers and mass media outlets including news agencies largely highlight negative news, wars, murders, terror attacks, fires, rapes and assaults. This is bad for the mental health of the consumers of this kind of news, resulting in a pessimistic worldview, feelings of misery and ultimately depression among consumers.

Well AMUST has turned this philosophy of negative news on its head.

AMUST offers a unique mass media platform that is highlighting positive news, not available through news agencies and mainstream media channels.

AMUST has developed its own network of a diverse variety of skilled writers from all over Australia and some from overseas voluntarily submitting positive news stories in order to share what is good, that is happening in the community.

We are publishing only original articles written by our columnists on a regular basis on a variety of subjects as community news. Who is doing good where and when and what is its positive impact on the community. This is healthy news, giving the reader a sense of optimistic worldview, that it’s not all that bad out there.

Out writers come from a diverse cultural background, faiths, ages, ethnicities, philosophies while maintaining a good gender balance as well, and as a matter of fact, we have more female writers than male writers.

Moving with the technology we are providing a diverse platform for the dissemination of positive news from the print version of the newspaper to the AMUST digital version in pdf, to be read on desktops, laptop and smartphones as well as a dynamic website complementing it with social media platforms.

We are also sharing the positive news currently twice a month via our AMUST e-Newsletter sent to tens of thousands of email addresses in Australia as well as overseas sharing positive stories with the world.

We are employing state of the art techniques in the submission of articles to AMUST and their processing from editing to proofreading and printing with user-friendly processes and procedures.

AMUST will be soon completing its fourth year of publication in these new formats and we wish to thank our writers for their contributions and thank our subscribers and readers for their patronage.