Son of Samir Elali & Randa Elali,  Saamer Matuse Peace Elali, 33, married the daughter of Valerie Jean & Gilbert Burgess, Boshia Raejean Burgess, 27, on 11 February at Brighton Lakes, Moorebank in Sydney, Australia. The couple also will be having another wedding reception in New Jersey, America. Matuse is a teacher, actor, writer and recording artist.  Boshia is a doula/birth coach, model, speaker and recording artist.

This beautiful reflection was written by the groom, Matuse in collaboration with his wife, Boshia.

The Story of How We Met


We met through planning a music collaboration.

The connection was immediate but in its early stages, we were just becoming friends who were working towards creating an album together.We had both come across each other’s music and social media and became instant fans of each other’s music, aesthetics & spirituality.

We had both come across each other’s music and social media and became instant fans of each other’s music, aesthetics & spirituality.

That led to a remarkable closeness in a short time span & the more and more we explored each other’s world, we noticed there was a deep-rooted common ground and the same principles.

We proceeded with naming our music group Zulfiqar, after the double edge sword of Imam Ali ibn Talib. To us this represented our two distinct styles and personas that are both rooted solidly into the same foundation (like the blades of the sword into the handle), as well as depicting the idea of the two essential elements of our union both spiritually, musically and romantically – that of the outward and inward expression of compassion & justice, of the feminine and the masculine.

The Engagement

The engagement was for about 4 months. Once we knew what we shared was undeniable I had to lock that down!

I opened up and told her that I gave it plenty of thought and time to ensure a deep sincerity in my heart and knew that she was the woman  I had made dua for.

I prayed that Allah would send me in life as a true partner and queen, and she ticked every box there could be to tick.

We didn’t approach it with a modern view, rather we took that time as courtship and worked towards marriage.

Wedding planning process

Boshia was in the US during the months leading up to the wedding and I was in Sydney so I was running around a lot trying to find the right place that suited our sensibilities.

We wanted something simple, small and filled with love of our closest friends and family.

It was important to us that we didn’t plan a wedding that was very showy and extravagant, it was more important that it was genuine and a day we could truly celebrate our bond with those most important to us.

The wedding planning had its road bumps being that we were both in two separate countries at the time but because we’re both content people, it was very easy to work through any issues that arose.

Neither of us was over the top, and Boshia was the opposite of a “Bridezilla”, she was considerate, compromising and only concerned with ensuring we did right by Allah and our families.

Wedding Venue

Boshia had only really one request, that we would be somewhere near water.

There was also a budget that was important to maintain because we didn’t want to go over a certain amount because something less expensive would mean more Baraqa for our marriage.

The wedding venue, Brighton Lakes, was a perfect fit as it’s a brand new function and recreation space and hence the elegance we desired was there without being over the top.

We both wanted to ensure that wherever we went that the food would be as tasty as the vegan caramel mud wedding cake we had & that it reflected our sensibilities about seeking Allah’s pleasure in our marriage rather than seeking to impress our guests.

Wedding Style

We wanted to celebrate our diverse cultures and heritage and since our group of friends and family are diverse we wanted them to celebrate this element with us.

By incorporating our cultural backgrounds/ heritage into our style of dress instead of just settling for the modern formalities of suites and white dresses.

Boshia’s Dress was inspired by the elements of her regal personality and presence along with her head peace. Boshia wore a Gele which is found in traditional Nigerian weddings.

Although Boshia is not Nigerian she comes from a Jamaican Western based family knowing that a lot of Jamaicans are considered to be mostly descendants from Nigerian tribes, she pulled inspiration from there. To top it all off was our florist Tegan O’Brien.

Memorable Moment

 A memorable moment of the day for me was definitely the nikah, Shaykh Wesam Charkawi came to my fiance’s parents house and gave an amazing Khutbah.

We learned a lot more about the importance of this step in our deen. We had close friends and family there so it was an intimate and beautiful reflective moment.

Although Boshia’s parents were not in attendance she still had the support of her Wakil over the phone to accept the marriage on her behalf. y family were so enthralled to have her as part of the family that it felt like a family gathering already.

My family were so enthralled to have her as part of the family that it felt like a family gathering already.

But I look forward to celebrating the wedding again when we return to New York & celebrate with her family and friends & sharing this beautiful beginning of our journey with them.

A memorable moment for me was realising after the nikah that I am now bonded in the Sight Of Allah with my best friend, a woman I genuinely believe Allah sent to me to marry and honor.

Every time I look at her I am reminded of the blessing, mercy and honor that Allah has bestowed upon me. So that moment started on that day and stays with me since then.

The Meaning of Marriage

Marriage is the unification of two people, and two families that is purely built off of the foundation of love.

Marriage is the commitment you make to Allah and your husband or wife to honor them; to be kind and be a means to help them enter Jannah inshallah.

I second what Boshia has said about marriage, indeed Allah states that the love between spouses is a mercy and when you’ve found that person destined for you, you truly comprehend this.

You can contact Boshia and Matuse on their relationship page on instagram @boshiaandmatuse where they give their relationship advice and share their journey together.