Inna liliahne wa inna alaihe rajeoon

Please accept my sympathy. It was upsetting to read about the tragic demise of my sister in Islam; Sadia Jamal Siddiqui in AMUST  February issue.

Even though she was not known to me, reading how it all happened and the kind of personality she had is enough to break one’s heart.

Who is it that can question Almighty Allah? He knows what is presently before us and what will be after us. May Allah admit her into Jannatul- Firdaus, aameen.

I wish her son Azzam a speedy and complete recovery. May Allah console her aged mother and the entire family.

I also pray for his daughter-in-law, Atikah to be strong and support her husband and his family members at this most difficult of times.

Mrs Nurat Lawal, Sydney

(originally from Nigeria)