Sport is a spiritual pursuit – one that motivates individuals to rise above their limitations. Based on this philosophy, ICV Youth, in partnership with Youth Victoria, launched the first monthly ‘Sport and Spirituality’ indoor soccer event on 31 January 2018 at Westgate Indoor Sports Centre.

The series of events is organised by ICV Youth and Youth Victoria and sponsored by the Islamic Council of Victoria and Werribee Islamic Centre.

More than ever before, our young people are exposed to cultural plurality that makes caring about their religion difficult. Endeavours like ‘Sport and Spirituality’ encourage young people to choose their spiritual path while enjoying a supportive sporting experience.

The Vice President of Youth Victoria, Owais Saeed, said the event “went incredibly well”. The game had a turnout of 20 boys of all ages and yet everyone was given a turn to play. “We played soccer to our heart’s content,” said Mr Owais.

Jazeer Nijamudeen from ICV Youth said, “This was followed by a short chat about faith and the boy’s potential to make a positive impact.” After some more soccer, the boys got to know each other and network while enjoying the pizza on offer.


A strong healthy body helps invigorate spiritual life. Our teenagers have a tremendous capacity for spiritual growth especially when they are embedded in an environment telling them they have a purpose in life and that they are valuable and capable members of society. The chat was aimed at instilling purpose in our youth.

This is very important because young people can start to feel isolated and disconnected from their community. Sport is an important medium for bringing them together as it provides an outlet for our youth to meet and learn from each other, and build a stronger community.

The youngest player was an 11-year-old boy that displayed incredible skill. “He has a bright future ahead of him, and he will probably become a Socceroo in 2024,” added Mr Owais enthusiastically.

The feedback from attendees was very promising, with comments that not only were the boys having fun but how much they were looking forward to continuing to participate in the community.

“It was great. First time playing soccer in a long time!” said Mohammed. “it was great to see the brotherhood, the fun and the skills, MashAllah!” said Mr Nijamudeen.

This event will run monthly and a similar series of events will be commenced for females.