Like most Australians, if giving to charity is something of a habit for you, no doubt at some point you have felt like doing something really different or special with your donations.

To do something, or be a part of a cause that involved providing more than just short-term, essential aid.

For a charity like MAA International, this is a common request from our intelligent donor base. It is the primary reason why we started our immensely successful Life-changing Gifts project a few years back.

Our aim has always been to not just provide short-term solutions but sustainable ways to help people.

Amina Begum’s story is a perfect example of how this project works. Amina is a widow who lives in a village Bihar, India along with five children.

Her husband, who was suffering from Tuberculosis, passed away 3 years back, leaving his large family behind in a difficult situation.

As a widow with very little opportunity to work and support her family, she was struggling to make ends meet, and living off the donations of others. They were living in cramped accommodation and engulfed in poverty.

Amina was assessed to be a beneficiary of MAA’s Life-changing Gift, and was provided with two goats around a year back. The aim in giving Amina this gift was to empower her and create a source of livelihood for herself and her family.

Today, the family are successfully rearing these goats and it will be a source of income for them in the months and years to come.


In conjunction with International Women’s Day this year, MAA International is launching yet another ground-breaking project called ‘1000 Women, 1000 Futures’ (TWTF).

MAA will empower 1000 women around the world by providing them an impactful and sustainable method to overcome poverty.

The chosen beneficiaries will be provided with sustainable livelihood opportunities, worth an average of $1000 each, to help them towards starting a small business. They will also be equipped with the skills required for running their business to ensure it’s long term success.


Buy tickets to attend a TWTF Fundraising Dinner in your city. At the venue, enjoy a delicious meal and donate generously via the auctions, activities, purchasing MAA merchandise sales, or directly.

To purchase tickets for the events in Brisbane or Perth, please call 1800 100 786 or visit

For Melbourne event tickets, call 0421491486

TO DONATE INSTANTLY: If you cannot attend the event, but would still like to donate to TWTF, please visit