“Calling all Muslim space kids! Join the Muslimnauts Zazzy, Esmaa, Meem, Alpha and Kiya as they race to recover the missing pages from their special Quran!

The Noor Quest app introduces basic arabic letters and Quran in a fun, entertaining and educational way with friendly, engaging and relatable characters, funky space sounds, vibrant graphics and a cool space masjid!

A great tool to help kids in learning basic arabic letter forms and familiarising them with the look and sound of the noble Quran.

From the studios of award-winning designer Peter Gould. (www.peter-gould.com).”

The app was funded on Launchgood in 2014.

Great effort! Ma sha Allah. This is a great effort. The characters, design, colors, and sounds are awesome! I would hope the game strategy be further developed though, the verse fonts be more kid-friendly and a read along screen after the pages have been discovered. Looking forward to more efforts like this! Jak!” – AS

Subhanallah, very creative education games Hi there Peter, thank you for the creative concept. Don’t forget to keep updating us okay! Thank you… Jazakumullah..” – SS

Wonderful Masha’Allah a great app all my children love to play. Need more like this.” – LY