The National Zakat Foundation’s Zakat Summit 2017 marked the end to yet another successful year with over 4,863 cases assisted and $3 million dollars of Zakat distributed in the last five years!

The summit was conducted over three days from Friday 8 to Sunday 10 December 2017 featuring guest speakers, talks, workshops and 2018 planning sessions at both the national & state levels.

The Summit with the theme “One Community One Body” was a public event, inviting community members to speak and share their knowledge and advice on how different organisations & individuals can work collaboratively to empower our community.

As part of the Zakat Summit, one full day was dedicated for members from the wider community to engage in topics related to Zakat.

Keynote speakers for the Zakat ’17 summit included Almir Colan, director of the Australian Centre for Islamic Finance, who delivered a talk on the role of business and Islamic finance in community development, Muhammad Sabeth Abilawa, corporate secretary of Dompet Dhuafa Indonesian, who delivered a talk on the transformative power of Zakat, and Zeynep Sertel, principal of Ilim College Girls Campus and VP of Green Crescent Australia, who delivered a talk on community empowerment. 

The Zakat Summit allows each team from across Australia to come together and work through interactive sessions with senior management to discuss the past year’s achievements, shortcomings and improvements.

Each summit is an opportunity for us to learn, ask questions and clarify any discrepancies, as well as taking the time to rejuvenate and remind each and every one of us why we chose to join this particular organisation and this particular cause.

We invited the public to attend and learn what NZF is all about, what exactly we do and how we manage the community’s Zakat that we have been entrusted with. Transparency is one of our core values and the summit is a platform that allows us to showcase to the public how their contributions are mobilising the mitigation of disadvantaged communities.

Each speaker at the summit gave examples of how everyone is part of a larger community and how we can collaboratively work together to really make a positive impact in our communities.

The speakers emphasised on the impact of empowering individuals and communities we give assistance to, because it’s more than just about distributing funds; it’s about changing lives empowering those that we help to move into a position that allows them in turn to help others in the future.

A key theme the speakers emphasised on was the power of Zakat to change an economy and society towards becoming self-sustainable and prosperous and how its only if we work collectively as a community that we will be able to effect and sustain such change.

The Annual Zakat Summit was the perfect way to end 2017 on a positive note, reflecting on how we can move forward collectively as an organisation and as one community.

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