The unilateral declaration of West Jerusalem by the Zionists as Israel’s capital in 1949 was illegal and has never been recognised by the international community.

The UN General Assembly Resolution 194 adopted on 11 December 1948 declared Jerusalem as an international city.

In 1967 Israel occupied the West Bank including East Jerusalem and has since declared the whole of Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the state of Israel.

Since then, for over half a century, Israel has illegally occupied Jerusalem using brute force, floundering all UN resolutions and with the attitude of “couldn’t care less” of the opinion of the international community.

It maintains an apartheid system of governance in the city in particular and within the Israeli state in general and systematically and gradually changing the demography of the occupied territories.

The powerful Zionist lobbies active in Western countries have been working constantly to have various states recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and shift their embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

However, not a single country has as yet established their embassy in Jerusalem to-date.

In 1995, with strenuous Zionist lobbying, the United States Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act, which required, subject to conditions, that its embassy be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

However, none of the US administrations practically moved the US embassy to Jerusalem over the years.

The election of Donald Trump as the President of the US has now changed the status quo.

Heavily surrounded by Zionists in his administration with his pro-Israel son-in-law, Jared Kushner installed as the Senior Adviser to the President, Trump on 6 December 2017  officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and announced his intention to move the American embassy to Jerusalem.

Trump’s move was perhaps motivated by another factor that there will be no resistance from this move from the Arab regimes.

Most of the Arab regimes have been cosying-up with the state of Israel over the past decade and largely occupied by inter-Arab bickering and sectarian conflicts in the Middle East.

While, in secret pacts with Israel, reassuring the Zionists, they made a lot of overt noise against the move, passing ineffective resolutions at various forums with no practical impact.

The power regarding the status of Jerusalem remains where it counts, the occupying Middle East superpower Israel and the world superpower the United States of America.

While the Zionist lobby succeeds with its designs on Jerusalem and hypocritical Arab regimes huff and puff, the Palestinian men, women and children keep dying under the oppressive and murderous occupation of Jerusalem by Israel.