Before plunging into the topic, I would like to put forth a question for the readers to ponder over – ‘What is religion?’ A tough question? Tough indeed! Well ‘Religion means absolute faith in the creator and possession of scientific knowledge of his creation’.

It is commonly said that scientific inventions and discoveries pose a great threat to religion and with the progress of science, religion will cease to exist. But is it really so? No!!! It’s just a misconception. There can never be a conflict between ‘True science’ and True religion.’

What scientists are discovering today was known to us centuries before through our religious texts.

In this hi-tech world, we all try to remain fit and fine. Science says that exercise is the best way to attain mental and physical well-being. Why do we forget that our religious belief also advocates the same things?

Today, it is scientifically affirmed that were it ‘Islamic Prayer’ or ‘Vedic Yogasans’ these postures are the finest ways of mental and physical exercise. The various postures allow some muscles to contract isometrically and other isotopically allowing a gentle exercise. They even enhance our concentration power.

Switching over to some other aspects of science, for instance, say ‘Astronomy’. It’s an age long misconception that Astronomical inventions pose threat to religious beliefs.

After the phenomenon of meraj, the ascension of Prophet Muhammad (s), his companions asked “Oh Rasulullah! How did the earth look from the space above?”

“A dinar in the sea of the sand” was his reply.

Who did know that earth was a globe floating in this galaxy? How the astronomers see the earth from space now,  Prophet Muhammad (s) saw 15 centuries ago.

A quotation from Holy Quran reads “The sun and moon follow courses exactly computed.” Chapter 55 verse 5.

Now we know that the sun and moon follow their own orbits.

What do all these evidences prove? They clearly show that there is some logic behind each and every religious belief and science merely gives evidence to each logic. Science simply affirms the fact that what religion says is correct.

I would like to put a cap on the pen with words of Dan Brown- “Religion and science are never at odds, science is merely too young to understand the former.”