Mr Sohail Shah, poet and reciter of poems from Pakistan visited Australia and gave an exclusive interview to AMUST on Monday 4 December 2017 in Sydney.

Mr Shah started writing from an early age and owes his literally success to his father and grandfather who were writers as well.

He exclusively writes Hamd (poetry in praise to Allah) and Naat (poetry/lyrics in praise to  Prophet Muhammad (s).

Mr Shah has also contributed another poetic literature known as Manqabat (Sufi devotional poems) Salaams and Nohas (mourning or expressing sorrows and tragedy).

Mr Shah arrived in Australia on the 28 November 2017 to participate in the Milad programs performing at various Islamic centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane.

“My motive of coming to Australia is mainly to follow the footsteps of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (s) by spreading the divine message of mercy during the auspicious month of Rabi-ul Awwal,” said Mr Shah.

Mr Shah’s first poem was an inspirational poem, prayer to Allah that was published in 1990 in a literary magazine named Islah.

Since then he has published four books of collections of his poetry, first one called Safin-e-Fagar was published in 2003. The collection called Assas was published in 2005 followed by Suraj chawda Kiranon Ka in 2008. The latest collection called Misbahul Zikr  published in 2015. 

Mr Shah has performed at various events in the US, different countries in Africa and Middle East including Iran, Iraq and India. His untitled work is still in progress and hopefully will be published in 2018.

Mr Shah’s work is firmly rooted in the tradition of Islam. It’s through his work that he intends to promote peace and brotherhood which is the real essence of Islam.

He also emphasised that poetry takes on exaggerated importance as a medium that invites its readers to explore the depth of words. Mr Shah’s words are capable of encapsulating the essence of historical events in just few lines.

He takes his writing skill as an opportunity to promote peace and harmony among inter-community and aims to foster inclusion and mutual respect in religious and cultural diversity through his words.

His recitations are available on YouTube and on CDS.

Mr Shah enthusiastically informed Australasian Muslim Times that Australia enjoys a reputation for being a peaceful country and that he would love to visit again in future.

He thanked Australasian Muslim Times for their courtesy and by using this platform he urged the community to enhance the literary environment in order to produce Australian-born writers and poets so that the humanity can be served by spreading the message of Islam.

Australian Muslim Times extended gratitude to Mr Intizar Jaffery for facilitating the interview at his residence and thanked Mr Sohail Shah for his valuable time by giving him a copy of AMUST latest issue.