This comment was first posted on The Conversation on 20th December 2017 in response to an article “Explainer: the charges against an Australian man accused of being an ‘economic agent’ for North Korea” by Kevin Boreham from  ANU.

Australia should treat North Korea like any other country when it comes to trade.

The economic sanctions against North Korea are illegitimate and aimed at preventing them from levelling the playing field regarding nuclear weapons.

All nations have the sovereign right to defend themselves and North Korea is no different.

The United States engages in trade involving nuclear weapons and the sale and purchase of parts for technology relating to the same.

Just ask Israel.

But you won’t see any US agents in Australia being prosecuted under this appallingly one-sided Weapons of Mass Destruction Act. Why.

Because Australia is not just a signatory to the UN; it is a proxy for US foreign policy and that means preventing North Korea from being able to deter US aggression, like we have seen in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

Well done Sir. You can hold your head high.

Adam Bonner
Brogo, NSW