Ali Asgher Ali, a medical science student at Macquarie University while embarking on his research career has already received recognition within Australia as well as overseas.

This has been made possible by Ali securing numerous internship opportunities including a six month long  Macquarie Undergraduate Research Internship (MURI)  which provided students with the chance to try their hand in research and then later joining and co-leading an iGEM team delegation to an international competition in Boston, USA.

Ali  was invited to present his MURI project and his team’s iGEM research at the Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research (ACUR) held 27-28 September 2017 at the University of Adelaide, for which he was awarded a grant.

Prior to this, his team was given the opportunity to showcase their project on renewable energy from synthetic biology at the Synthetic Biology Australasia Conference (SBA2017) held 21-22 September in Sydney.

His team Macquarie Australia IGEM project submission at the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition held from 8-13 November 2017 in Boston, USA was judged the Best Energy Project 2017.

Ali Asgher Ali is the son of Mr Aale Ali, the past President of Aligarh Muslim University Alumni of Australia.

The multiple research opportunities has sparked inspiration in Ali to be further engaged in the mentoring side of research where he started up a YouTube channel.

Ali believes that participation at the ACUR 2017 has been instrumental in establishing mutual collaboration and fostering teamwork with his peers and professors alike. He intends to use this knowledge as a tool to address any educational disparities there maybe.

“There needs to be more advertisements regarding available opportunities so that both the institution and the student can benefit,” said Ali. 

Ali’s early interest in research motivated him to seek out ways to be involved in the empirical investigation from the onset of his college career.

While reflecting on his research career, Ali said, “Multiple research experiences have shaped my understanding that learning from the cognitive approach brings insight into one area of learning alone, however, when complemented with empirically drawn knowledge, it allows one to take on a more comprehensive understanding. Furthermore, these experiences have granted a holistic understanding of the entire process including planning, organising, scheduling and presenting with an eye for critical thinking.”

“The practical nature of research has proven to be invaluable to my academic advancement as well as professional development by providing me with the resources and support I needed in order to flourish in academia,” he further added.

Talking about his iGEM project, he said, “I say this with great pride that my team performed very well in the iGEM Competition, winning the prize for the Best Energy Project and a nomination for the Entrepreneurship Prize as well.”

A research-oriented degree along with well-utilitiesd research opportunities have equipped Ali with both general and specialised skills, preparing him for academic career future.

Emphasising his Muslim Australian identity, Ali concluded, “We all have talents and strengths that are needed by the community. Living in a religiously diverse culture can be challenging owing to the fact that at times the identity of a Muslim can be under scrutiny. In the wake of this realisation, we must lead by example by living up to the highest standards set forth by our religion.”

“I wish to express my thanks to Macquarie University for providing me with an environment to excel,” Ali concluded.

In the end, Ali wished all students the best of luck in their endeavours.

You can subscribe to his channel at or catch up with what he’s been saying on Twitter @ali_asgher_ali.