The 2nd Annual Australian Islamic Education Forum will be held in Sydney on Saturday 24 February 2018 hosted by Arkana College.

Educators in Islamic education and schooling contexts are invited to register for this premier professional development event for Islamic education in the country.

The registered delegates will be able to join the ongoing conversation and take away practical tips and understandings on evidenced-based practice at the cutting edge of the field.

The 2018 Forum theme ‘Islamic Schooling Renewal – A Focus on Curriculum’ offers delegates a highly relevant focus that is timely.

Sessions are practical and interactive delivered by experienced educational practitioners. Split sessions allow delegates to tailor their own program based on their interests and needs.

Presentations will address the following themes:

  • Negotiating contested spaces – curriculum and Islamic schooling
  • Strategies for engaging with Australian Curriculum
  • Islamic schooling & the Early Years Learning Framework (Belonging, Being and Becoming)
  • Leadership and curriculum
  • Case studies and stories of hope – curriculum integration, curriculum renewal, curriculum projects
  • Case studies and stories of hope – curriculum enactment in &/or across KLAs in Islamic schooling (English, HaSS, STEM, HPE/PDHPE, Arts, Music, Islamic & Arabic studies)
  • Enacting curriculum for teaching faith perspectives across the curriculum
  • Quality curriculum, assessment and pedagogy in Islamic schooling contexts

The Annual Forum aims to provide a platform for educators in Islamic schooling (Islamic schools, Madrassah or home educators/homeschoolers) to network, build collaborative partnerships, share stories of hope and showcase projects and best practices in Islamic education.

This event is proudly presented by the University of South Australia’s Centre for Islamic Thought and Education (CITE) and supported by Islamic Schools Association (ISAA) of Australia.

For more information or to register: