Yassmin sat down with comedian Tom Gleeson who hosts the Hard Chat segment for Charlie Pickering’s show The Weekly, hit her with plenty of offensive taunts.

Gleeson didn’t pull any punches, starting with her decision to post almost exactly the same tweet that started at the ruckus, on Remembrance Day.

“Now, you got in trouble for your Lest We Forget post on Anzac Day, but then you had another crack on Remembrance Day. Is that just attention-seeking?”

“I missed all the death threats — it gives you a sense of importance,” she replied.

Gleeson then asked Ms Abdel-Magied if on every Anzac Day, Australia should “have a minute’s silence for your career?”

“Do you think that maybe on Anzac Day you should start a #LestWeForgetToWriteStupidShitOnFacebook,” he asked her.

“Do you ever feel bad about wearing a hat indoors?”

“Look, you don’t know that the UV rays aren’t coming in,” she clapped back.

It was when Gleeson asked the former ABC presenter what she was doing here, referring to her comment that “Australia is like dating an abusive guy”, that she finally made the comedian crack.

The comedian decided to end his chat by offering Ms Abdel-Magied an Anzac biscuit, joking he’d made them Halal.

“Are they really though?” she asked.

“I don’t know but I pointed them towards Mecca before I killed them so they’re probably all right,” he replied.

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