Award-winning Australian actor, writer, spoken word artist, and stand up comedian, Osamah Sami stole the show at the 11th Annual Australian Muslim Achievement Awards 2017 held on Sunday 3 December 2017 at Le Montage in Lilyfield, Sydney.

Winning the Creative Artist of the Year award, Sami provided the audience with some stand-up comedy and reflected on his rising success this year.

Star of Ali’s Wedding, Osamah Sami presents a comedy routine and engages the audience.

On winning his award, Sami said “About the film [Ali’s Wedding], forever in a day, we’ve been spoken about but not heard from. And finally the film gave the people an opportunity to be heard from, and whether you like the film or not…. Has anybody seen Ali’s Wedding?”

The audience cheered, representing the enormous success of the film and the strong support from the multicultural community for Ali’s Wedding.

Osamah Sami vigorously trying to undo his top button as he begins his comedy routine.

“The best thing about this is getting the message from the Muslim community onto my twitter account, I had to shut Facebook for obvious reasons, all the, controversy. The messages that said – “Isn’t it great that we can see a girl in hijab on the big screen?” and “Isn’t it great that we see Ali, the lead character in the film – doesn’t kill anyone in the movie or doesn’t get killed off at the third act of the movie?”

The 34 year old then spoke about being nominated for an Australian Academy Award, alongside Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman.

Jihad Dib MP shaking hands with Osamah Sami, Creative Artist of the Year.

Sami then said “We do have Allah on our side!” which received cheers and applause.

A few days later, the star of Ali’s Wedding earned an Australian Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay as well as a nomination for Best Lead Actor in a Feature Film this year.

Sami then ended his speech to speak about his parents, “My dad, rest his soul, he taught me everything and my mum reinforced everything he taught me. I salute them, and be nice to your mothers.”

(Left to Right) President of Mission of Hope, Nasreen Hanifi, Founder of Mission of Hope, Hanan Dover, both laughing with Osamah Sami.

All Award Winners

Woman of the Year Dr Randa Abdel-Fattah

Man of the Year Bashar Krayem

Youth of the Year Oussama Abou-Zeid

Professional of the Year Ahmed Fahour, award received by his brother, Ali Fahour (pictured).

Role Model of the Year Mo Alyatim Alyatim

Sportsperson of the Year Bachar Houli

Creative Artist of the Year Osamah Sami

People’s Choice of the Year Osman Karolia

Volunteer of the Year Rima Waizani

Community Organisation of the Year Islamic Womens Association of Australia QLD

Community Event of the Year Islamophobia Report launch


Best New Community Project of the Year Linked Up

Media Outlet / Personality of the Year Ali’s Wedding

Abyssinian of the year Michael Brull

Australian Muslim Lifetime Achiever of the Year Abla Kadous

The 11th Australian Muslim Achievement Awards was organised by Mission of Hope. The event was sponsored by Acacia Creative, Creative Cubed, Human Appeal, Dental Care Guildford, Truffle & Co and OM Photography.

Check out the Live Video of the event: