An Innovative multimedia dramatic concert showcasing diverse colours, cultures and languages kept thousands mesmerised for 90 minutes at Sydney Olympic Park while celebrating Mawlid on Sunday 3 December 2017.
With the slogan, “Together in Loving Mohammad”, the 8th Multicultural Mawlid Concert drew more than 5000 People from Australia as well as overseas marking  the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (s).

The event was organized by the Islamic Charity Projects Association (ICPA) and coincided with the Annual International Peace Conference held under the patronage of Darulfatwa, the Islamic High Council of Australia.

Accepting the invitation from Darulfatwa Australia and in collaboration with Majlis Ulama Indonesia, 0ver 80 academics, religious scholars, Imams and community leaders mainly from Australia and South East Asia also attended the Peace Conference held on Monday 4 December at the Garden View Hotel, Bankstown.

Darulftwa Chairman, Dr Sheikh Salim Alwan and Dean of Majlis Al-Ulama Jakarta branch, Sheikh Ahmad Sharif Ad-Din Abdul Ghani announced their pleasure in working together for the Conference titled ‘Muhammad, peace be upon him, the Prophet of Mercy and Messenger of Peace’.

The Hon David Hurley Governer of NSWat the Peace Conference

The dignitaries from across Australian states including community leaders, Sheikhs, Principals, businesspeople, media personnel, local government councillors and mayors, scouts officials, ambassadors, consulates, and Australian politicians, had among them:

Darulfatwa Australia Chairman, Dr Sheikh Salim Alwan; President of the Islamic Charity Projects Association, Haj Mohammad Mehio, Governor of NSW, Hon David Hurley; Mr Phillip Ruddock; NSW Opposition Leader Mr Luke Foley; Mr Jihad Dib, MP for Lakemba; Mr Paul Lynch, MP for Liverpool, Ambassador of Palestine, Dr Ezzat Abdulhadi, Ambassador of Morocc Mr  Karim Medrek, High  Commissioner of Brunei Mr Zakaria Ahmad, Ambassador of Lebanon Mr Milaad Raad, Consul General of Egypt, Mr Youssef Hassan Shawki, Al-Amanah College Principle Mohammad Al-Dana and 2MFM President Haj Rafic Hussein.

ICPA President, Haj Mohammad Mehio welcomed the guests from overseas as well as VIPs from Australia who responded graciously to the invitation of Darulfatwa and the ICPA in attending the Mawlid.

Dr Sheikh Salim Alwan giving a speech at the Mawlid 2017

Multimedia dramatic concert at the Mawlid 2017

The Governor of NSW, Hon David Hurley and the Leader of the NSW Opposition, Mr Luke Fowley in their address congratulated Darulfatwa for its collaborative efforts in organizing the International Peace Conference and expressed their support to it and to the ICPA for its effortless commitment to serve social harmony and cohesion, illustrated by the upholding of such a prestigious and well targeted event as the Multicultural Mawlid.

 The ICPA’s organizing committee spokesman thanked the large team of volunteers who dedicated much of their time during and in the weeks leading to the event, to contribute to the success of the concert.

 The spokesman also thanked the dozens of community groups for their active engagement and cooperation with the organizers. 

The event was broadcast live and exclusive on the Muslim Community Radio 2MFM 92.1 and was viewed live on the 2MFM Facebook page and on YouTube globally.