The organisation Sydney Alliance has a reputation of bringing together various groups who have the common goal of helping people. 

The organisation puts citizens back at the heart of democracy, achieving change collectively, and using their diversity for good.

They are made up of over 30 organisations including many civil society organisations founded for, or connected to, Muslim communities including the National Zakat Foundation, United Muslim Women’s Association, and the Arab Council Australia.

Many of their organisations are also connected to refugees and people seeking asylum, communities such as Settlement Services International and Community Migrant Resource Centre.

The recent Sydney Alliance annual fund-raising event held at the St Stephen’s Uniting Church in the city was multifaceted. Sydney’s leading acappella gospel choir, Café of the Gate of Salvation, lent their talent with a special compilation of songs  –  the songs hailed from times of hardship during the American civil rights era to Mandela’s movement in South Africa.

The huge audience was also privileged to hear SBS Lani Tupu as narrator. The night then featured Sarah, one of Sydney Alliance’s newest leaders, who shared her escape from Iran as a political refugee and her experiences in her new homeland of Australia.

The evening was rounded off with a raffle in which 10 special prizes were drawn. The funds raised from the concert and raffle went towards funding their campaigns, including establishing organisers and actions and events.

Their campaigns at the moment include: Affordable Housing, Changing the Conversation which develop new perceptions in the community around people seeking asylum, Save our Weekend dealing with the saving penalty rates from being cut for hard working low paid Sydneysiders, and Voices for Power which is about cheaper, cleaner energy and climate justice.

A final thank you to the Café of the Gate of Salvation choir  –   several of their members have been involved with Sydney Alliance campaigns and actions in their professional or personal capacity.

They are an exceptionally talented choir, with a wonderful lean towards social justice and community. Everyone was very honoured to have their talent for this occasion.

And we now look forward to the 2018 event.