Trapped like a needle in the haystack,
Warped like a riddle in the mindset,
Tuned like a jingle in the cortex,
Grown like a chick in the nest egg.

Bonded like a herd in the hamlet,
Drawn like a fiddle in the singlet,
Floated like a king in the rivulet,
Sounded like a ring on the winglet.

Played like a note on the octet,
Paved like a coat at the sunset,
Driven like a clown in the blanket,
Mounted like a frown in the bush net.

Laughing like a craze in the drag net,
Puffing like a blaze at the onset,
Trained like a sage with the fish net,
Drained like a rage on the rheostat.

Armed like a drum of the grand dad,
Numbed like a trump on the pink mat,
Tinted like a punk with the hostess,
Sintered like a tongue on the gauntlet.

Frosted like a cone with the bayonet,
Toasted like a lone at the claimant,
Flying like a kite with the seamen,
Shunted like a knight with the ailment!