The NSW Police engaged with the Queanbeyan Muslim community on Saturday 11 November at the Queanbeyan Scout Hall to discuss dealing with racial abuse.

The event was organised through IFAM (Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims) ACT Chapter and Islamic Society of Queanbeyan, in response to a report of a case of racial abuse reported by one of the Muslim community members.

From left: Khurram Ali Khan , President of IFAM ACT, Sr. Constable Naomi Nemec and Inspector Mark Murphy

The local Police crime prevention division took serious steps to stop such an unfortunate event from happening again and, to address the concerns of the Muslim community, conducted this information session so that the community were aware of the law and rights of a citizen in the event of such victimisation.

NSW Police stressed that it has zero tolerance for racial abuse and encouraged everyone to report the case immediately.

Sr Constable Naomi Nemec and Inspector Mark Murphy spoke at length about individual rights and not to let the evil elements of the society go free unreported.

The session was very interactive as significant questions and clarifications were sought, particularly by the women.

The Queanbeyan Muslim community wish to thank NSW Police, Monaro Local Area Command,  for their time and goodwill towards the community.