The Australian Government sends back asylum seekers it does not think are refugees. International law says people should not be sent to unsafe locations.

But the Australian Government never finds out what happens to the asylum seekers they don’t want. So a determined Australian with a passion for justice made it his mission.

A Well Founded Fear follows Phil Glendenning from Sydney’s Edmund Rice Centre for Justice as he tracks down several deportees to find out how they are faring. The film follows him as he travels through Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey, Iran and Canada.

This remarkable film was made nine years ago. We are showing it again at the Edmund Rice Centre, a minute’s walk from Flemington Station: just follow the arrows to the ERC at 15 Henley Rd.

We are showing it at 6pm, Tuesday 5th December. Phil Glendenning of the ERC will then give us an update on what happened to the people in the film, and where we are now, with the horrors of Manus and Nauru.

After that, we will have an open discussion… where to now for justice for refugees? Where is the recognition of human rights in Australia? How can these violations and this abuse of power be so poorly reported in the Australian mainstream media?

It is a public event and all are welcome. If you would like to attend, please phone the ERC on 8762 4200, to give us some idea of numbers.