“Poland Nationalist Rally With Neo-Nazi Slogans, Calls For ‘Islamic Holocaust’ Draws Biggest Crowd Ever” is the heading in Newsweek [12 November 2017]. 

The Jew-baiting is still there.  “The Radical Camp has told its followers on social media that the Syrian migration is part of a conspiracy between Jewish financiers and Communists to destroy the European Union with Islam, Sharia law and homosexuality.”

According to the Wall Street Journal. Polish marchers carried slogans such as “White Europe,” “Clean Blood,” “Europe Will Be White” and “Pray for Islamic Holocaust.” They also introduced a new slogan — “We want God.”

A similar pattern is emerging in Germany. “Since 24 October 2017  Germany’s parliament has 92 new Neo-Nazis.”  Like the Polish fascists, the AfD centres on hatred of anything ‘foreign.’ They claim there is a sharp divide between the ‘Germanic race’ and such alien influences as multiculturalism or Islam. They glorify the Nazi past and its members include admirers of  the Old Czarist forgery “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

“What was once the Jew is now the migrant, the Muslim, and the foreigner in general. Old-Nazi and new Nazi populism follow the same pattern using much of the same strategies, speeches, rituals and have similar but always invented enemies. Ideologically eliminating capitalism in favor of race, the AfD supports a redistribution of wealth –not from capital to labor– but from foreigners to Germans.”   While pretending to serve everybody, the populists in fact see the people as mere objects of power. “The goal is to radically re-construct the ruling class favoring one part of the capitalist class (the nationalists) over another section (the globalizers).”        [17 November 2017 Thomas Klikauer Counterpunch]

Attempts to link religion and racist hatred are not new.  The German anti-Semites claimed long before Hitler that the presence of Jews in their society undermined Christian values. The hater par excellence, Julius Streicher, executed at Nuremberg for his crimes, wrote in 1936 “We have dedicated our lives to the fight against the murderers of Christ..” [Robert Carr. History Review Issue 47 December 2003]

The globalizers, a modern fascist euphemism for the ‘Jewish conspiracy,’ replacing the older ‘cosmopolitan,’ is making a comeback in the jargon of the populist conservatives. It is now linked directly with the influx of alien Muslim refugees, threatening predominant values with alien ideas and culture.

It is of significance that the attempt by pro-Israeli activists to link opposition to Israeli government policies with anti-Semitism is occurring at the same time as this upsurge of neo-Nazism in Europe and white supremacy in the USA.

An illustration of this tactic was provided by the hysterical response to the statement of the Social Democratic mayor of Jena in Germany. He commented on the refugee crisis “The US policy of hostility toward Islam bears its fruits.”

He called on his party and its Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier “to change the role of Germany in the Middle East conflict. Germany must break with restraint toward Israel as an occupying state.” [19 September, 2015. Jerusalem Post]

This hardly amounts to rampant neo-Nazi conspiracy theory but is a strong criticism of the policies of Israel and the USA, policies exacerbating the crisis in the Middle East.

Any attempt to water down the concept of anti-Semitism by slandering critics of the  occupation of Palestinian territory is short term opportunism which will rebound on its perpetrators and all opponents of rising fascism.