American scholar Dr Umar Faruq Abd-Allah is visiting Australia for the first time from 27 November to 5 December 2017. A series of public lectures and talks are scheduled following his visits to New Zealand and South Africa.

Dr Umar Abd-Allah is an American Muslim who embraced Islam in 1970. He studied Arabic and Islamic studies at the University of Chicago, where he received his doctorate in 1978. He taught at the Universities of Windsor (Ontario), Temple, Michigan, and King Abdul-Aziz (Jeddah).

During his years abroad, he was able to study with a number of traditional Islamic scholars. He returned to the United States in 2000 to work with the Nawawi Foundation (Chicago), where he remained for more than a decade.

He is currently working as an independent educator under the auspices of the Oasis Initiative (Chicago) and engaged in research, writing, lecturing, teaching, and related activities in connection with various national and international forums in the United States, Canada, Europe, West Africa, and elsewhere with a focus on Islamic theology, spirituality, law and legal theory, and history.

Dr Umar Abd-Allah has gained renown for his warm, academic style of teaching and focus on spirituality. His anticipated classes will cover the Secrets of Silence and Speech, Islam and the Dreaming, the Friday khutbah and others.

He is in Melbourne from 27-30 November and in Sydney from 1-5 December.

To register for his classes in Sydney, visit here: