Many of our wedding features are beautiful, but this is truly a romantic story between two people, meeting when they were children and having the presence of God in their union from the very beginning, this is definitely an intriguing read. May God bless this couple. 

Here is the story of Alvino & Adella:

How We Met We have known each other since we were little kids going to the same Sunday Islamic studies classes and our parents were very good friends.

When it was time for high school, we went our different ways and we didn’t see each other for over 10 years.

Until during one Eid-ul Fitr, I was invited over to Adella’s family’s place for open house.

I remember only saying one thing to her “these chicken wings are delicious Adella” because I was nervous seeing her for the first time in so long.

Despite minimal conversation, I could already make out her character and personality – she was obedient to her parents, looked after her siblings, was hardworking, smart and modest.

Not long after, I asked her parents as well as mine if I could get to know her better and the rest is history.

Who knew my wife was just around the corner 🙂

The Engagement Process
Our engagement was around 6 months.

It took some convincing from our parents as they had advised us to wait another year or so before the nikah but we both felt that if we were truly going to get married for the sake of Allah, that we should not delay it for too long.

Alhamdullilah, both our families were very supportive for the decision that we made and so we started planning as soon as possible.

Wedding Planning
Our original plan was to have a simple and small Nikkah in a mosque with our family and a few close friends however we faced a few hurdles.

Firstly, the mosque we chose was not available and secondly, our parents knew a lot of people within the Indonesian community so it would have been very difficult to choose only a few selected guests for the wedding as our community have always helped our families through the good and not so good times.

After much consideration of all possible venues /places, we thought: what better way to get married than to have it at our own house?

We ended up having a beautiful outdoor garden wedding theme in our front yard with lots of food and guests.

It was a very intimate, emotional and joyful occasion and we wouldn’t have  had it any other way alhamdulilah.

Memorable Moment
Alvino: The most memorable moment would definitely be the first time I saw Adella in her wedding dress when she stepped out of the house.

She looked jaw-droppingly beautiful and yes, I cried 😛
Adella: Oddly enough, the most memorable moment would have been listening to the wedding procession from inside the house as my husband and everyone else was outside.

It was listening to my father’s humble voice as he offered my hand and my husband’s nervous attempt to accept my name.

Within minutes, tears began rolling off my face and I can assure you at that moment my bridesmaids were like my own nurses rushing and attending to my every needs (get it, because im a Nurse haha).

And of course, I will never forget the dashing handsome man waiting for me at the end of the aisle ready to whisk me away on a new adventure – Alvino.

Wedding Inspiration

As a matter of fact, our wedding inspiration stemmed from the very roots of my (Adella) front garden.

It was a simple rustic and floral approach to what was already complimented by the surrounding scenery and having the fresh air as opposed to a confined space was very much appreciated by our guests.

Shout out to my awesome best friend (Emilee) and her family for organising all the intricate details and amazing cake of course!
The wedding dress itself took a similar approach to a floral and lace pattern, perfect for the setting the scene and both my mother and mother-in law were present together (after they bumped into one another) when I first found the dress.

SubhanAllah, that was the sign that made me purchase it on the spot.

As for the bridesmaid dresses, I went by my favourite tone of purple plum and dainty silver headpieces that resembled the natural flora of the setting.
The Meaning of Marriage
Marriage is about sharing your life with your best friend and enjoying the journey along the way – through all the highs and the lows.

It means trusting, compromising, having patience, being willing to change for the better and sacrificing every blood, sweat and tear with your other half.

It means loving each other despite each flaw or weakness and finding comfort and security in each other’s presence.

One naseeha that both of our parents have continuously reminded us is of the empty box.

They would say, “Once you start this new chapter in your lives, we want you to imagine an empty box that you both have responsibility over.

In this box you must continuously place in love, care, affection, support, laughter, motivation, trust and Imaan.

Marriage does not begin as a complete or organised package, it is up to the wife and husband to fulfil that.”


Dress: Divinity, Makeup: Makeup by Raefa, Photos: Benny Baha Photography, Flowers: Kaikes.