Mufti Menk, the popular Islamic celebrity gave his live lecture, a first for Australia, addressing thousands of mainly young people at the Sports Centre at Sydney Olympic Park on Wednesday 25 October 2017. 

Dr Mufti Ismail Menk, the Grand Mufti of Zimbabwe is a leading global Islamic scholar with a high profile social media presence such as Twitter and has hundreds of videos on his YouTube channel Mufti Menk series disseminating Islamic education with effective delivery for a global audience.

He was born and raised in Zimbabwe obtaining Islamic education in Madinah, Saudi Arabia and holds a Doctorate of Social Guidance.

Mufti Menk was invited to Australia by the United Muslims of Australia (UMA).   Initially, all tickets for the event were sold out within the first few days of its release and therefore the venue had to be relocated to Olympic Park in order to enable many more people to attend. Again, all tickets were snapped up within a few hours of release.

UMA organised the event in a structured and professional manner and huge crowds of all ages and backgrounds to the lecture.

Mufti Menk gave a very practical lecture and used important examples from hadith with good humour to emphasise his points.

He talked about the signs of piety, mainly being good conduct and character and that being the key to take one to Jannah.

Mufti Menk emphasised the development of good attitude and character that can be most effective for daawah purposes than mere advice.

He pointed out that all actions in daily living were Ibadah, worship if carried out in the right manner.

“Ibadah is a lifestyle. When you clothe yourself, it is an act of Ibadah (worship),” he said.

Towards the end of his lecture, he reinforced the idea that we must be united as one Ummah and those that harm others are cowards.