IFEW holds 34th Annual General Conference

The 34th Annual General Conference (AGC) together with the Annual General Meeting of the Islamic Foundation for Education and Welfare (IFEW) was held on the October long weekend from Saturday 30 September to Monday 2 October 2017 at the Uniting Venues, Elanora Heights on the North Shore of Sydney.

Starting as the Australasian Integrated Family (AIF), IFEW has been one of the pioneers in establishing daawah, education and welfare activities for almost 35 years in Sydney.

One of the offshoots of IFEW is the MEFF Eid Festival being organised for more than 33 years at the Fairfield Showground while another one is the Australasian Muslim Times AMUST currently being produced by Seena Incorporated.

The AGC brought together four generations of family members at the retreat, participating in a well structured balanced program with reports for the past year and planning for next year.

The theme for the AGC 2017 was “Living Islam at work, study, home and play” where four presenters discussed issues related to living Islam in our contemporary Australian society in various settings.

Manar Ahmad discussed “Living Islam at work” raising the issues related to prayers, halal meals and socialisation in the workplace based on his own experience.

Ibrahim Khalil talked about “Living Islam at study” with his own experience at school as well as the university.

Mehar Ahmad advised on “Living Islam at home” and how to develop best practice for harmonious living based on her long experience in living as an extended family in a large household.

Usaid Khalil talked about “Living Islam at play” with shariah compliant entertainment, outings and sports.

The AGC started on Saturday afternoon with recitation of Quran by Hafiz Dr Waliullah Bokhari followed by welcome by IFEW President Aamir Ahmad and words of advice by Dr Qazi Ashfaq Ahmad.

Maintaining three decades of tradition, AIF Tarana in Urdu was sung by first and second generation while the 3rd generation song (Iqbal’s dua) in Urdu sung by 3rd and 4th generation kids.

The AGC also included business sessions with reports and planning for various IFEW projects as well as family reports for each individual, adults as well as children with questions and discussions.

The 34th AGC handbook was prepared well in advance containing talks, reports and future plans, distributed as a printed copy as well as in electronic form.

As per tradition a photography session was held to take annual portrait photos of individuals, basic families as well as group photos of all IFEW members and their families consisting of four generations.

All catering was provided Halal, courtesy of the Uniting Venues saving time for members from food preparation and devoting time in more creative activities during the AGC.