Winter is behind me 

Boarded into spring,

So many rainless weeks

A long drought brings,

The hot blazing air

No moisture in there.

A crow cries with a cracking voice,

Dry beaks are wide open 

Looking for a drop of rain.

Mother duck in the pond,

Looks at her ducklings 

With sadness in her eyes !

How can they learn to swim !

In the tiny muddy puddle !!

Frogs don’t jump with joy !

They keep slipping in the muddy water,

Throats are dry , changing voices

As they sing !

Dewless lawns in the morning,

Struggle to lift their bodies with a smile.

The Sun is on constant duty

No break even for a while,

Rays of intense Sunlight 

Relentlessly shines on the earth.

The hot breeze blows,

From the North and West

Dispels clouds, 

Temperature rises, can’t escape.

Flower petals coated with dust,

As their dreams die !

Soil suffers, begging for rain,

To come down and

Soak the land for fresh grain.

Green bushes discolour and fade,

Farmers praying for grey clouds

To bring the rain drops at their aid,

While cows and lambs look for shade.

Our hearts are like a desert,

Waiting to be soaked by rain.

Better days are surely coming

To soothe our lands,

And our cracked tongues and soil.

Oh, Lord shower Your mercy

With rain !

For what cause 

Is the land deprived 

Of Your blessings ?

Please bring Your blessings 

Upon us again !!