MAA’s Australia staff were recently in the troubled areas of Myanmar.

Amidst distribution of vital aid to our Rohingya brothers and sisters, we often come across some stories that simply deserve to be shared.

Here is a real-life account from a Rohingya family we encountered:

The family of Fozol Ahamed*, featured here, have travelled for several days to get away from the increasing conflict.

They travelled from Buthidaung, in the Rakhine state, which is the epicentre of the Rohingya crisis.

To escape, the only option they had was to board a fishing boat and endure a dangerous journey across the Naf River, the international river marking the border of Myanmar and Bangladesh. Currently, they are in a makeshift camp in Cox Bazar, Bangladesh, but there are thousands of other unlucky Rohingya who are on the street –  without shelter, food or water.

The Fozol Ahamed family have survived to arrive in Bangladesh. Many other families have not, or have experienced or witnessed unimaginable horror while going through this perilous journey, which around 120,000 people so far have undertaken.

MAA’s team is providing emergency assistance and aid to the Rohingya inside Myanmar and in Bangladesh, in partnership with BAPA relief.