The IFAM Youth Rooty Hill group held its annual Youth Conference on the August 2017 at Rooty Hill Mosque with the support of Islamic Association Western Suburbs Sydney (IAWSS). 

It was a great night with many valuable lessons learnt from two well-known speakers Dr Zachariah Matthews and Sheikh Abdullah Hakeem.

The event started with a recitation from the Holy Quran by Hafiz Abdul Rehman. President of IFAM Youth Rooty Hill Aymen Abdullah was the Master of Ceremonies for the evening. Sahban Bin Irshad, Secretary IFAM Youth Rooty Hill, presented the IFAM Youth activities report.

Sharing some pearls of wisdom, Sheikh Abdullah Hakeem spoke about Luqman’s advice to his son which covered 10 important lessons, ranging from respecting parents to imbibing the fear of Allah (SWT).

The second guest speaker of the night was Dr Zachariah Matthews who shed light on another important topic which was very beneficial to everyone present, on, “How to use time effectively”.

He covered the benefits of sleeping early and how to get rid of those habits which waste much of our time during the day, as well as optimization of time to help in the remembrance of Allah and our deen.

The event was attended by approximately 300 people, both old and young including a significant number of women.

Events and programs like this are a means of bringing the community together and also becoming closer to Allah. This has been one of IFAM’s primary objectives; bringing the community together through Islamic gatherings.

IFAM youth has also been progressing in recent months hosting numerous events such as:

  • Fortnightly lectures at the IFAM office where a speaker presented a lecture on important topics affecting the young generation in today’s time.
  • Weekly sporting events such as cricket matches, tables tennis etc.
  • Annual Table tennis tournaments
  • Annual camps which are a means of a social weekend along with dawah work plus recreational activities.

IFAM Youth is open for everyone to join and be part of, as we will Insha Allah change and guide the youth of Australia to the straight path. So, feel free to contact us to remain updated with events/programs and upcoming activities. We look forward to receiving your support.