A well known community leader, Mr Erhan Eryegit, has recently been appointed to the Regional Advisory Council of the Victorian Multicultural Commission for 2017-19.

He was notified of his appointment as RAC member on 12 September 2017 by Ms Helen Kapalos, Chairperson, Victorian Multicultural Commission.

He will be representing the concerns of the Muslim community in the North & West Regions of Melbourne.

Erhan established the Sunshine Youth club with over 50 local members aged between 15- 35.  He was nominated for Brimbank Council Australia Day Award 2017 for his contributions to the community.

He’s  an active member of the Australian Intercultural Society and an active member of Australian Relief Organisation.

Erhan grew up in Melbourne’s West and continues to live locally with his wife and two daughters.  He comes from a highly community minded family and is well placed to understand local issues.

Some of the current topics Erhan will be bringing up in these meeting include;

Government funded initiatives towards development of interfaith and Intercultural dialogue platforms for strengthening community ties, particularly in the view to address the increasing propagation of Islamophobia.

Employment opportunities and career development opportunities for youth from ethnic backgrounds.  Often times we see young people from multicultural backgrounds being disadvantaged because of their names and/or ethnicity.  Greater incentives for companies to employ youth from diverse backgrounds.

National Islamic Resources Awareness program; a national school program directing youth to local credible Islamic resources as a grassroots strategy combating extremist online recruitment.

Our leadership to have a louder voice against persecution and systematic execution of religious minorities abroad.  Advocacy for the compassionate and moral obligation of our government to urgently bring Rohingya Muslims to safety in Australia.  Fast-track processes for Australian Muslims to adopt Rohingya Muslim orphans.

Development of media platforms which give authentic representation of the contributions of majority of Muslims in Australia, not just the misguided few.

Publishing opportunities for real Australian Muslim, who don’t have an agenda to deliberately misrepresent Islam & Muslims.