Young Innovators Network, YIN organised a workshop for Young Innovators on Saturday 9 September conducted by Peter Gould. 

It was an interactive workshop for young people aged 7-12 years to discover the role of design in our world.

Peter Gould leads a global design company and lectures on the subject of innovation at UTS. He ran that workshop in with a lot of fun and hands on experience.

Firstly, Peter introduced basic concepts of design thinking.  He enquired about everyday objects and the idea behind it.

Then he asked children to draw a toy and find out how to “design” it and make it better. Later he told children to find problems with their current school and encouraged them find some improvements in it.

During the break out session, where children were divided in two teams; boys and girls. Their task was to redesign their school in the light of improvements they suggested.

Children designed a new school that was more fun by first seeing the problems noted, discussing ways to fix them and then putting it all on paper through a drawing.

At the end Young Innovators’ Network, programme coordinator Ali Shafqat presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Peter Gould.

The program was concluded with a group photo.

In today’s global market and multicultural environment, it is necessary for youth to have an excellent grasp on digital literacy.

Young Innovators Network is a recently established community based network of successful professionals who want to mentor, train and equip our next generation’s youth.

Young Innovators Network was formed by like-minded people who are keen to unlock the hidden talent in our youth. The YIN’s organisational philosophy is to educate, mentor and train our youth through “passion driven interactive and experiential learning”.

The main objectives of YIN are.

  • Engage young children in productive and creative learning environment
  • Initiate and promote critical thinking and inner intelligence through latest learning philosophies, such as cognitive learning
  • Develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills
  • Session video recording is available at the Young Innovators youtube channel

If you/your child wants to get involve with Young Innovators activities, please visit their website at