BEHIND THE VEIL: The Australian women who embrace the veil that covers their faces.As Pauline Hanson calls for a plebiscite to ban the burqa in Australia, Sunday Night looks back to Rahni Sadler’s 2012 report, Behind the Veil.

Whilst the video shows a few women in Niqab, it focuses on Anisa Khan. “It’s a leap of faith to cover yourself from the world and drop out of sight. Especially if “you’re an dinky dye ozzy”.

The video shows Anisa Khan bowling with friends along with some rock music in the background. “My name is Anisa, I’m a fifth generation Australian born.” When the presenter asked if she was a feminist, she responded with “Yes I am”, “You believe in Women’s rights?”, Anisa Responded – “Yes Definitely”

The video then goes to explain the details of wearing the niqab, that it’s not worn at home in front of her husband and kids, “but to the outside world, she only reveals her hands and eyes”.

“I feel liberated, and I’m not saying being covered is being liberated, but that’s how I feel. When I’m interacting with men outside in society, I know there’s no physical or sexual attraction there.”

The narrator explains that Anisa is from a Pakistani background, and a fifth generation Australian.

Growing up, her family didn’t believe in face coverings, the turning point was 9/11, Anisa faced hostility for being a Muslim, but rather than turn her back on her religion, she embraced it.

Anisa said “When you study the life of the Prophet, it’s like a hero, you want to duplicate the life of the Prophet Muhammad.”

The video has been viewed 41 000 times.