Standing on a platform of rocks and stones,
Peeping through a veil of casuarina and gum trees,
A fire-trail divide between the place and beyond,
Engulfing darkness of black hole at night!

Banksia and other natives garlanding the body,
Dawn singing of early rising birds,
Infrequent sighting of deadly reptiles,
A meeting place for leporid mammals,
Ready to withdraw even at the faintest sound.

Lychie, mango, guava and other fruit trees,
The long shy arms resonating with the breeze,
The vine necklace covering the bare bones,
Robinias eager to shake hands with one and all.

Distant views of the Blue Mountains,
The roaring sound from storm water drain,
Asimina trilobas shading the walkway,
Symbiosis of banksia, bees and birds,
The tall gum tree at the front standing alone.

The mother bird’s unending affection and love,
Eager to welcome back but unease in saying a goodbye.
Would that you knew what the place is!