On Saturday 1 July 2017, “Little Helpers on the Run” hosted a hugely successful Eid luncheon for children in foster care at the Woodstock Community Centre in Burwood, NSW.

The event was specifically organised for 5-15 years old kids from Marist 180 and Red Cross clients to join the festivities of Eid that marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.

The heritage venue was elaborately decorated with balloons and other party items and a huge number of presents were meticulously organised where each child got a number of Eid presents.

The children from diverse background participated in many fun activities in the sun drenched grounds of the Centre joining competitive fun filled activities including henna art,  jumping castle and water games.

The kids were delighted to receive well packaged gifts from various invited guests including Mr Abdul Majid Yousfani, the Consul General of Pakistan in Sydney.

Abdul Majid Yousfani with Ghana Bola, Community Engagement Officer-Marist 180 at the event.

Mr Yousfani highly commended the organisers of the event that brought some sparkle to the lives of so many children who were in need of some love and care.

Other guests at the event included Ms Ghana Bola, Community Engagement Officer-Marist 180, Mrs Mehar Ahmad, President of Seena Incorporated, Mr Khurram Jawaid, Director, Qartaba Homes, Mr Zia Ahmad, Managing Editor, Australasian Muslim Times, Dr Wali Bokhari as well as a large team of volunteers who helped make the event a great success.

Little Helpers on the Run with the motto “Together we can make the world a special place” is a not-for-profit organisation with a vision to engender a sense of social responsibility and compassion in our children.

Conceived and founded in 2016 by its current Chairperson Dr Feryal Zehra, a specialist clinician with MBBS and MRCS and a researcher with a PhD in Surgery, Little Helpers on the Run has a vision to bring the community together and to engage children from privileged and underprivileged backgrounds to rebuild a fragmented society.

The organisation’s main focus is to work together with the community to build a culture of respect, love and care and to support those in the community who need it most including disadvantaged children, our elderly, our homeless and our peers.

Little Helpers on the Run is managed by a group of committed volunteers who provide guidance and create opportunities for children to participate in community outreach programs with a focus on love and respect for all of society, particularly for our most vulnerable members, children and the elderly.

Little Helpers on the Run has carried out a number of similar projects over the past year and was established with a mission to spread some love, care and kindness to everyone – regardless of who they are.

Since being established, the organisation has completed over 65 kindness projects and brought joy to countless people of diverse faiths, ethnicity and cultural background.

Little Helpers organises projects in partnership with not-for-profit organisations, schools and nursing homes and pay regular visits to nursing homes including Bupa, Opal care, St Vincent, Summit Care, Casa Mia, Scalabrini Village and many more.

To find out more or to donate, please visit their website littlehelpersontherun.org.au