Creator of FoodFlukes, Fadeela Saloojee. Photo by RD, Mr FoodFlukes.

In an AMUST first, we bring to you a food blog like no other. FoodFlukes is an incredible food blog that provides “next-level dishes created by chance”.  

FoodFlukes was created by Fadeela Saloojee, and it’s full of recipes that she’s stumbled across in her quest to banish the banal from weeknight suppers and desserts.

Fadeela is a South African woman with Indian heritage who moved to Australia about a year ago with her husband, affectionately named Mr Foodflukes.

“Since moving to Sydney, I realised that we South Africans have some quirky names for fruit. Our beloved naartjie, which moonlights as a type of mandarin. My search for naartjies in Australia went on for a while before I figured this one out.”

A chemical engineer working as an energy consultant, Fadeela’s passion for documenting her interesting recipes began one a half years ago during her free time.

Whilst modestly called FoodFlukes, the food blog portrays exceptional skills and expertise in cooking a sumptuous array of desserts and savoury dishes as well as beautiful photography and food design.

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FoodFlukes was born from an idea of experimenting with unusual flavour combinations.

“That’s my style of cooking,” said Fadeela during the interview. “I wanted to share and hopefully inspire others to get into the kitchen.” However, having said that, she does admit that “not all my “experiments” turn out well, but fortunately, the disasters don’t go further than Mr. Foodflukes.”

What makes FoodFlukes especially exquisite is Fadeela’s interesting cultural background, passion for trying new and exciting recipes and incredible mouth-watering photos.

FoodFlukes is all about fresh ingredients and quirky twists on classics. “If you’re going to be a regular here, stock up on the dark chocolate,” she writes in her blog.

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Fadeela’s inspiration comes from many places, starting from a regular trip to the grocery store to an episode of Masterchef.

However, what makes her food blog particularly fascinating is that she takes well-known dishes and adds an interesting spin to it.

Take for example, The Mandarin Sponge with Cardamon Whipped Cream and Mandarin Curd.

“The mandarin cake was inspired by a classic Victoria sponge, but I switched out the traditional jam and cream with a curd made from mandarins (which we call naartjies in South Africa), and cardamom-flavoured cream. The colloquial name for this cake is my naartjie and elachi cake. Because I like food that rhymes” said Fadeela.

Some of Fadeela’s favourite blogs to follow are The Kate Tin and Drizzle and Dip, both which are South African blogs, and a Swedish blog called Call me Cupcake.

If you haven’t subscribed to, do it now and be sure to follow her blog on Instagram @foodflukes where she shares her food photography and recipes.

Stay tuned for recipes in our next AMUST issue!