Halal Advisor app

A free app that locates restaurants and cafes offering halal foods in Australia is now available and taking the country by storm.

Businessman, Aladdin Moukhallalati, created the Halal Advisor app to accommodate the need for the availability of halal food for the growing Muslim population in Australia.

With over 600 000 people who identify as Muslims across the country, Moukhallalati sought to create an app which makes the eating out process  simpler, easier and much more enjoyable.

“I am a Muslim and always trying to find halal food to eat when I’m out at work or with friends socialising,” Moukhallalatii says. “Having this app means I don’t have to ring up or walk into a restaurant and ask if there’s anything on the menu I can eat.”

Halal Advisor determines your location and provides you with a list of cafés and restaurants in the vicinity that offer halal food. It includes over 3000 cafes and restaurants that serve halal food, mainly based in Sydney and Melbourne.

The app also informs its users if the restaurant or café is halal certified or if they only provide a certain amount of halal dishes.

“You can broaden or hone in your search or pick a certain cuisine then decide whether you want to dine in or takeaway,” says Moukhallalati.

“[Australia is] such a muliticultural country and the demand for  (halal) food has risen.”

“We are constantly updating it so our users have the most up-to-date information possible”, says Moukhallalati.

The app has been downloaded over 7000 times and is now the number one trending food app in Australia. It is available on both Android and iPhone devices.