Almost 20,000 people joined ‘Eid at the Zoo’ festival at Sydney Taronga Zoo on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 July 2017.

The organisers, Crescent Wealth welcomed the community to a memorable experience for the second time after last year’s successful unique and unprecedented initiative.

It was a magical feeling with beautiful blue skies overhead, the sound of children’s laughter ringing across grassy fields, tempting aromas of food tingling the senses, Muslims feeling welcome and at peace, and the sound of the Adhan echoing across the harbour, calling some to prayer and others to curiosity.

One attendee said “This is my first time to the Zoo and it is such a wonderful time to visit it in celebration of Eid with the family.”

The Muslim community appreciated the prayer facilities, availability of the large variety of halal food, 10% off discounted store goods, the Adhan playing on the loud speakers, and the comfortable feeling of other Muslims around enjoying Sydney’s prominent iconic attraction.

Waleed Gouda, the General Manager of Crescent Wealth said, “Eid at Taronga in partnership with Crescent Wealth is about giving our community a memorable experience in a remarkable location.

He further added, “Thank you everyone for coming and enjoying the weekend with us with the animals! Eid at the Zoo is a fantastic event that brought together the Muslim community to share in a unique festivity at one of Australia’s most iconic sites.”

Photo by Glenn Leahy, Coast Pictures.


The event was a celebration of multiculturalism and family that brought tears of happiness to the eyes of visitors.

Over seven thousand tickets were sold in a week prior to the event and more than double are estimated to have attended the event over the weekend.

Guests from all faiths and cultural backgrounds attended the event. The positive feedback was overwhelming from a large number of guests, Taronga Zoo staff, volunteers and stall holders.

“I’ve been a Zoo friend member for over 30 years, and my friend here has volunteered for Taronga Zoo for about the same. Eid at Taronga Zoo, thanks to Crescent Wealth is a dream come true!”

“The vibe is just amazing, everyone is happy to be here, it’s a beautiful day for Eid with animals.”

“It was brilliant, I absolutely loved it!”

“Every 10 metres I bump into an old friend, we hug and laugh together. That is Eid at the Zoo,” said Mohammed who came last year, and we loved it so much that he was back again this year!

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