Why should Australians, or citizens of any developed nation, donate their time, energy, and money to social causes which do not affect themselves?

It is easy to see that apathy reigns for the modern Australian in regards to social issues.

When governments decimate foreign aid budgets, reject those seeking asylum, and the world’s richest continue to increase their share of global wealth, it is understandable for group mentalities to waver towards the opinion that each individual must rectify their problems without the aid of others.

When it appears everyone else is focused on self-servicing, the only logical conclusion is that you follow-suit – or fall behind the pack.

What possible difference could the efforts of one individual make to global poverty amidst a sea of inaction.

We must understand what poverty is.

Beyond traditional notions of material wealth, poverty is a deprivation of the capability to perform the actions one might wish to.

Those in poverty may not have the capability to be well-nourished due to a lack of food supply, they may not have the capability to receive an education due to fears of persecution, or they may not have the capability to shelter their family as they are required to spend their money on food instead.

It is in this multi-dimensional view of poverty that the ability for individual action to create tangible change becomes apparent.

Modern development theory promotes the implementation of programs aimed at sustainability – the ability for the targets of the programs to reap the benefits into the future.

Have no doubt that there are organisations who have not developed an eye for sustainability, and continue giving fishermen fish while their equipment lies in disrepair.

Mahboba’s Promise youths have the chance to go through the confectionery training program, giving them skills to make a livelihood.

Organisations like ours, Mahboba’s Promise, fully embrace the concept of sustainable development.

Each dollar provided to us goes almost entirely into the programs we run, giving a widow the education she needs to earn an income for her family after her husband’s passing, training midwives so that less children die in infancy, or building a farm and training locals how to cultivate it so that they are capable of feeding their community indefinitely.

For $200 a prospective midwife can be bought a midwifery kit to complete her training and go on to save innumerable children, for $25 tables and chairs can be bought upon which widows will sit to get skilled in farming and go on to be self-sustainable income generators, for $25 a girl can be put through a month of schooling helping her towards a future filled with opportunity.

Life changing donations go beyond monetary, with children being able to attend school because they finally have appropriate clothing donated to them, with awareness of the circumstances facing those in poverty being raised by those volunteering their hours in offices, or even the money raised by those running a race in support of a charity.

Each action taken by an individual can, and does, create real change in the fight against poverty.

Stand up to the wave of apathy, and change the lives of those in need.

To find out more about Mahboba’s Promise, visit our website at www.mahbobaspromise.org, or call 02 98871665.