Australian society has fractured into traditionalists upholding religious values, and self-styled ‘progressive’ reformists discarding them. 

Many traditionalists however, are open to reforms, while progressives are discarding together with bad policies many values basic to societal wellbeing – ‘throwing out baby with the bathwater’.

The 2016 Census confirmed Australia is barely a Christian country with Christians falling from 88% of the population in 1966 to just 51%.

Young adults frequently reported having no religion (39%) or affiliated with non-Christian religions (12%).

Developing public policies on abortion, same-sex marriage, and euthanasia depart from traditional Christian positions that were underpinned by the Ten Commandments similar to Islamic Law.

Islam’s role today is in upholding civilisational values as a beacon and the remaining succour for humanity otherwise heading towards disaster in increasingly individualistic societies.

Following widespread abuse of children in its institutions, Christianity has become ineffective in preventing rejection of traditional values and is “perceived by more Australians … as implausible, undesired or irrelevant”.

Islam stands for submission to God’s commands; Respecting rule of law; Chastity before marriage, finding sexual fulfilment in marriage between man and woman; Importance of traditional families; Honouring parents; Respectable dressing; and Sacredness of personal property.

These values are being challenged by ‘progressives’ today.

Interestingly, there is no apparent conflict in these with the ‘Australian Values Statement’ requiring acceptance by non-citizens before being granted visas by Australian immigration.

Islam emphasises good manners (adab), which enhance national harmony and knowledge transfer between teacher and student.

The ‘Good Manners’ chart used in Queensland schools until the 1960s taught children personal conduct rules.

Minimal teaching of ethical values today undoubtedly has negative societal consequences.

Further, the separation of religion and state provided in Victorian schools a space for Marxist-led programmes indoctrinating children on gender fluidity that contradict religious teachings.

Westernisation is definable as “the extension of rights to individuals as opposed to limitation of those rights in the collective interest”.

Islam however, balances rights in order to protect vulnerable societal members, and consequently prohibits gambling and intoxicants.

‘Progressive ideology’ rejects religious teachings and enhances selfish individualism, both of which Islam opposes.

Islam teaches that the self must be trained to submit to Truth’s Path not to unbridled egotism, desire and jealousy, which destroy wellbeing.

Clearly, the demise of religious upbringing but prevalence of secular teachings lacking a coherent worldview is creating crises for young Australians – reported increases in child abuse, severe psychological distress and male youth online gambling addiction, while youth suicide is at a 10-year high.

‘Progressive’ ideology is “the crusade to liberate individuals from the Western tradition with its Christian moral straightjacket”.

Negative outcomes above however, prove it to be ‘retrogressive’.

In the so-called ‘Post-truth era’ today “All claims to truth are relative to the person making them.  Consequently, there is no way to establish universal truth.”

This erroneous view is strongly challenged by Islam.

The Qur’an (10:35) teaches, “Is there any of your associates who guides to truth? Say: Allah guides to truth. Is He then Who guides to Truth more worthy to be followed, or he who himself does not go aright unless guided?”

Tom Drake-Brockman highlighted the need for a new religious creed “of spiritual humanism, capable of reigniting the kind of self-belief values, ideals and common purpose the Western world so desperately needs”.

That creed I argue is Islam standing on eternal values which continue to be valid throughout the millennia of human existence.

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