This issue continues the series exclusive to AMUST on the 99 divine attributes of Allah. 

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97.  Al-Warith – The Inheritor

And the earth – We have spread it and cast therein firmly set mountains and caused to grow therein [something] of every well-balanced thing.1 

And We have made for you therein means of living and [for] those for whom you are not providers. 2

And there is not a thing but that with Us are its depositories, and We do not send it down except according to a known measure. 3

And We have sent the fertilizing winds and sent down water from the sky and given you drink from it. And you are not its retainers. 4

And indeed, it is We who give life and cause death, and We are the Inheritor. 5

And We have already known the preceding [generations] among you, and We have already known the later [ones to come]. 6

And indeed, your Lord (Rabb/Provider) will gather them; indeed, He is Wise and Knowing. 7

(ar-Hijr, 15:19-25)


1. From here attention has been directed towards another important sign about the wisdom and capability of almighty Allah. The capacity and style of growth in each of botanical vegetables and plants is provided to all: if the given freedom to them for growth, the whole ground would have been covered by one species, so it could be possible by only one kind of one plant to grow, without giving any chance to some other species.

But there is a well-designed and planned scheme of Allah that numerous kinds of vegetables/plants are growing on earth and every species has a limit to its growth.

Another aspect of this phenomena is the size, shape, capacity, growth and nourishment is fixed so that no one species can cross the limit. It obviously seems that someone has designed and fixed a pertinent amount of body, shape, figure, leaves and products for each kind of tree, plant, creeper and other characteristics of all growing species.

3. Allah has put out your service for other men and animals which He provides. Also, Allah provides means for your living and all creatures as well.

4. It has clearly been manifested that this reality is not confined only for the vegetable/botanical plants but is ascertained for all entities of existence of this world – wind, water, seasons, geological and fauna and other living and non-living existence according to the same scheme and control. Hence it is the wise scheme of almighty Allah that great balance, temperament and proportionality has been manifested throughout the universe.

If the creation of the whole universe had been an event by chance or it had been established by the combined pursuits of many gods, then how would it have been possible to establish such a perfect balance and systematic manifestation of different species their maintenance since inception to eternity.

5. The winds are termed as ‘fertilising’ and these carry rain clouds to drop rain further ahead as being a ‘pregnant winds.’

“O living people, when all your durations have passed away, then after your demise and vacating this world, We (Allah) reigns over the left outs at Our discretion. Whatever all have you received are given to you for very temporary use. Eventually you all shall leave this world with empty hands in the end and all your commodities and treasure shall be deposited in our jurisdiction.”

7. Allah remains after all creations have passed away and He is the only Inheritor.

8. His Wisdom demands that He gathers altogether and His Knowing is so dominating that no one can be left out. Rather, even a specific past or future person’s dust is accounted for. Hence, anyone, who considers the life hereafter as unlikely and far-fletched is totally unaware of the almighty Allah.

Therefore, such a person enquires, bewildered: “When each and every particle of my dust is going to be scattered, how then shall I be created again.” Such a person never visualises the capability of the Knowing attributes of Allah.

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