Young Muslims awake for Suhur, the early morning meal to begin the Ramadan fast have been credited to have saved many lives at the London’s Grenfell Tower fire on Wednesday 14 June.

Residents commented that more people would have died if not for the actions of a number of Muslim boys who knocked on doors, alerting residents to get out.

The building had no central fire alarms and no early fire warning system in place.

Muslims returning from mosques after Fajr prayers very early in the morning also helped the residents to get out of the tower building engulfed in fire.

One resident pointing to media hype against young Muslims in UK commented, “People want to talk about them when they do wrong, and all this sort of thing, when they’re doing bad – but when they’re doing good …”

“They were the first people with bags of water, giving to people and helping people – running and telling people,” commented another resident.

“Muslim boys saved people’s lives. They ran around knocking on people’s doors,” another resident said, “Thank God for Ramadan.”

So far 17 people have been declared dead including a Syrian refugee. There are fears that the numbers may reach three figures when all the missing are accounted for.

The fire is believed to have broken out on the second floor of the tower block shortly after midnight on Wednesday, and had quickly swept through the entire building.

Many residents said they hadn’t heard the fire alarms and it was only when fellow residents, many Muslims among them, alerted them that they could quickly evacuate the burning building.

The area around Grenfell Tower is home to a large number of Muslims.

Meanwhile, mosques, churches and temples in west London have opened their doors to offer assistance to the survivors of the huge fire.