We have currently been living in a world where all sides are engaged in wrongdoings. Each side is bent upon pointing out to other’s mistakes, not willing to admit grave mistakes, they have committed themselves. 

Islam and Muslims seem to be the  common enemy for all, be it the Western democracies, the Zionists of Israel, the Communists of Russia, the Hindus India, the Buddhists of Burma and Sri Lanka or different Muslim sects who are bent upon demeaning each other.

Hostile foreign policies of Western powers have inflicted gravest miseries to the Muslim world over past few decades, causing millions of deaths and injuries, looting their nations, playing tricks with them to turn one faction against other, thus destablising their regions, causing civil wars.

Aggression of West against Muslim lands was generally based on lies, driven by lust for oil wealth. The Chilcot inquiry in UK honestly revealed the wrongful intent of British Prime Minister at the time of Iraq war. As per the report, the government had produced dossiers of mass deception, based on “flawed intelligence and assessments” whose claims were dismissed as risible.

The world-wide Zionist lobby peddles a one sided view generating sympathy for the state of Israel while demonising the Palestinians suffering under occupation.

Crushing of genuine popular movements known as Arab spring over past few years against authoritative regimes, US and its allies have ensured that Middle East remains unstable for decades to come.

Communist Russia invaded Afghanistan, US brought to it another war, leaving it in a state that it is unlikely to recover in foreseeable future.

In India, a country which prided itself for its secular credentials, the rise of Hindu nationalists over past couple of decades has been so intense and challenging, that Muslims now face an uncertain future in their own country

Muslims themselves have not help their cause, rather engaged in infighting and corruption.

The prevalence of despotic governance, corrupt dictatorships, lack of effort in modern day education and technology continued to add to the pathetic state of ordinary Muslims.

Royals of Gulf states as well as Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan are counted among the most corrupt nations.

Iranians have failed to maintain the dignity of the Islamic revolution and have been caught into in sectarian divide championing Shia minorities in Sunni dominated countries thus creating instability and civil wars.

Iranians have partnered with Russia to save a criminal Baathist dictator in Syria, instead of reaching out to neighbouring states to find a peaceful solution in Syria.

Total chaos resulting from US led atrocities in Muslim countries and total failure of Muslim leadership were bound to create terribly frustrated groups who wronged themselves in trying to take matters in their own hands and take revenge in the form of global terrorism.

As the conflicts in Muslim lands continued to multiply, so did the number of terrorist groups. Terrorism feeding on war on terror and vice versa.

The rise of extreme right in many Western countries is equally concerning who are seeking more fire power rather than looking for peaceful solutions. With election of Donald Trump in US, these groups have found rejuvenation to pursue their cause.

It has become hard to find strong voices who may be seeking justice and peace on globe. Yet German Chancellor Angela Merkel and in particular Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are couple leaders who continue to stand for just causes in a balanced way.

We need many more of them both in Western and Muslim worlds to create any hope of returning to a peaceful, united and harmonious world.