As cooler weather conditions are busy making their way towards Melbourne, more and more spider webs can be seen. It’s surprising how even the baby spiders are drifting along weaving webs so effortlessly. Even as I bulldozed their newly designed colonies away, I was humbled by the lessons they had to offer! 

For what seemed like an easy task took a little more than an hour because of the abundance of pesky sticky threads behind the shoe rack at the entranceway, on my plants, alongside driveway, I mean nearly everywhere ..!

In my haste to tidy up, I unconsciously glanced at the garage door and couldn’t help but visualise the sheer amount of possessions sitting in cargo boxes waiting to see some daylight!

I wonder is it just me or does every parent have this thing for their kids’ old toys, clothing items, and books?

I mean would you believe that I actually paid a good amount of cash to have those belongings shipped to Australia two years ago?!

I feel our old possessions aren’t just mere possessions, they serve as a tiny window to our sweet memories, they are home to our DNA.

They even breathe our fingerprints.

I think I’m not ready to let go of all that just yet.

I don’t know about the future though. One day I might decide to scale it down by selling it or just giving it away. Who knows!!?

Going back to the creepy crawlies, as I observed the cobwebs big and small, intricate in design and nature, I was simply in awe of their complexity!

How profound is the fact that something as flimsy as a spider has the ability bestowed by God to build a house on its own from silky threads {produced from within its body} I mean this is plain awesome!

So in recognition of all the cobwebs that were mercilessly brushed away today, I endeavour to bring you the following lessons:

1. The lessons learned by cobwebs have a direct link to my humble understanding derived from the Holy Book/Quran.

In one of the chapters Al-Ankabut/The Spider; there is an extremely beautiful parable. It compares the action of taking anyone besides God as your helper or sustainer, is exactly like relying on spider’s web for support and sustenance.

The web sticks on to the nearby sturdy wall but is very weak and frail in and of itself.

It is a house devoid of any roofs & walls, only hanging in mid-air.

2. I personally believe that everything is a matter of perception and it’s pretty much your intention that makes a remarkable difference.

For instance, I did some research and learned that spider silk, in general, is widely regarded as the strongest natural fabric known, at least half as strong as a steel thread of the same thickness.


Yeah, I know the feeling is mutual. Here’s what I concluded after reading this.

Seeking others’ support isn’t blameworthy unless we have a staunch belief in the sovereignty of the Almighty with all else just being the means.

This means that the rules that we live by, and the people we tend to rely on will bear fruit ONLY if we believe that the real healer, the ultimate helper is none other than God who controls these resources and it is only by His will that these very resources can bring benefit to us. Thus it is entirely about your Faith.

3. For as long as we shall live, we will be tried by a variety of trials and tests. Distractions are tempting but short lived. If we give in, we are lured into the trap of shaitan and our nafs.

But when we hold on tight to the handle of God, it doesn’t let us down due to its strength and stability.

So to sum it up, faith and intelligence (in essence pondering over nature and its signs) pair up and lead us to a place of spiritual consciousness.

And then it becomes easier to ward off evil because our seeing is derived from His seeing, so to speak.

Whatever our naked eyes see is processed via our senses, registered & internalised by our inner subtle faculties such as awareness, insight and inspiration stemming from our hearts.

What we see and allow ourselves to experience is very very specific to us.

Being mindful of our perception is important because it’s what shapes our reality. Whoever and whatever controls our perception, controls us.

It’s only wise to take charge of your perceptions than let it take charge of you.

If you aren’t in control, then who is? Think about it.