One of the biggest secrets to having a loving, satisfying and fulfilling marriage is awareness about how the spouses feel about themselves when they are in the company of each other.

A spouse falls in love and stays in love due to the way their partner makes them feel about themselves when they are with them.

When a husband feels respected, needed, acknowledged, loved and special around his wife, he will do almost anything for his wife and he will feel a deep sense of love for her.

Likewise, when a wife feels needed, attractive, loved, cherished, and special, she will find herself deeply in love with her man and ready to do almost anything for him.

The questions a spouse needs to be asking themselves are:

  1. How does my spouse feel when they are around me?
  2. How do I make my spouse feel when they are with me?
  3. Do they feel wanted, special, needed, cherished, loved and acknowledged?
  4. Am I an approachable spouse or do I make my spouse feel as though they are walking on eggshells around me?
  5. Do I make them feel they are a priority in my life and that I am their biggest fan?

Think about it in terms of your best friends or the people you love to be around, opposed to the ones that you don’t like to be around or that you try and avoid.

What it comes down to is the way others make you feel when you are around them, is what determines how much you want to associate with them and spend time with them.

Don’t wait for your partner to start, instead, you be the one to start making your spouse feel good about himself/herself. This is because irrespective of who starts, you will discover that it is a chain reaction, and Allah willing, you will find your spouse reciprocating.