Perth Entrepreneur, Haweya Ismail, founder of Mud & Musk and winner of BSchool’s Idea winning a $20K cheque, attended the Female Entrepreneurs Conference in Hargesia, Somalia on 20 April 2017. 

Haweya is affecting social change with her Idea Nation winning building concept, The DIY Nomad range of Mud & Musk.

During the trip, she showcased unique skills and traditional knowledge of locals and demonstrated the harvest and use of Qasil – the first ingredient of the range.

Qasil grows native to the region and is one of the Horn of Africa’s oldest in-home do-it-yourself skin treatments.

“The conference was a very inspiring experience. I was able to meet incredible businesswomen who have had to overcome major obstacles to follow their dreams and reach their goals,” said Haweya.

Mud & Musk will contribute funds to prevent exploitation and promote sustainability.

Mud & Musk will be doing a launch on Wednesday 24 May 2017 in Perth. Check Mud & Musk out on Facebook!