Standing still and focused

on the far distant,

It was the moment just after 

the sun had said goodbye,

Where the mountain range,

Would tangle with the western 

horizon and the near sky,

To create the glow of redness

not just on the lips but all over 

the body and face.

Was it from the joy and thrill or 

was it an expression of sadness 

in the heart and mind,

But why was that so?

You might have asked!

But then why would you lose time 

in wonder,

As the moments at hand were 

in transience,

With the change being the constant,

And so much more was expressed 

in the words of silence,

As the nature and all components,

Were paying homage to the Lord 

of the Glorious Throne:

“Here we are, here we are,

Submitting to You,

In our mind, body and the soul,

As we witness that the Dominions 

of the heavens and the earth all

belong to You,

And You are the One and the Only One,

Without the End and the Beginning.