Rupert Murdoch’s father, Sir Keith Murdoch, endeared Australian hearts by exposing British incompetent leadership in the WW1 Gallipoli landings, which resulted in appalling loss of life of the ANZACS. Is this why successive governments facilitated excessive control of newsfeed by the Murdoch media?  

Australia has the most concentrated mass media ownership in western countries, with News Corp controlling two-thirds of major newspapers and Foxtel (50%) too.

“Australians have less different voices to use upon which to make their decisions than almost any other place in the free world”.

News Corp’s flagship paper, The Australian, often misleads Australians with its unbridled Islamophobic stance.

Australian Press Tribunal is an industry self-regulatory body. Isn’t this like putting a fox to protect chickens? I have taken The Australian to the Tribunal a few times for false or biased reporting. In 2008 Jama’at Tabligh, the world’s largest non-political Muslim organisation was portrayed as a terrorist organisation topping a list with Lascar at-Tayyiba and Jaish Muhammad. My complaint was upheld and The Australian had to “make amends by printing with appropriate prominence such correction as will neutralize the damage done”. The Australian’s correction however, was hidden in the inside back page of a Media supplement that few would read.

Another case was Richard Kerbaj’s articles insinuating that Griffith University quietly sought Saudi funding for its Islamic studies. This was expanded in associated articles with the headings “Saudi Government bankrolled hardline Islam” and “Uni an agent of extreme Islam”.  Hon. Graham Perrett in Federal Parliament and Hon. Judy Spence in Queensland stood and defended the integrity of Islamic Research Unit’s respected director, Dr Mohammad Abdalla. I understand The Australian settled the matter quietly rather than letting the case appear in court.

Murdoch media has expanded Islamophobic attacks to a crescendo, hammering Australian Muslims almost daily. Apparently it has an ideological stance related to the founder and certain backers of News Corporation.  As example, a recent article criticised Muslim women in Sydney for screened women’s-only swim classes as “giving into ancient rules written by men in patriarchal societies”. This is misleading since Muslims believe public modesty rules derive from God’s revelations.

News Corporation is a leading supporter of Israel. This is unsurprising since Murdoch’s maternal ancestors are reportedly Jewish.  Michael Collins Piper believes Murdoch is well-known as “front-man” for the powerful Rothschild, Bronfman and Oppenheimer banking families. Through control of influential US newspapers and Fox News, Murdoch backed neocon forces and promoted the call of George Bush and Tony Blair for the illegal Iraqi invasion. Consequently, 1 million Iraqis were killed.

The Australian displays an inherent Zionist perspective that becomes especially outspoken at critical times. It often projects an objective stance on political parties, but heavily criticises the Labor Party just before national elections.  It is amazing the Party takes no action, to its own detriment. “Media power is seen in the last elections where the LNP government was elected by a bare 0.75% margin of the popular vote. The ALP would probably have won Government if not for heavy criticism by the Murdoch media before polling day, which itself provided an estimated 2% swing against Labor.”

A Senate Committee chaired by Sam Dastyari is currently examining “Future of Public Interest Journalism”, including the impact of disinformation. Now is the time for Parliament to address fundamental bias in what and how news is presented to promote objectively informed public opinion. With Fairfax Media’s slow demise, isn’t fragmenting the Murdoch oligopoly and diversifying news sources for Australians a fitting subject for inquiry?