Indian opposition parties have closed ranks in order to settle on a common candidate for the President of India position to be decided in July, to challenge the ruling BJP.

Highly worried after the BJP’s overwhelming victories in UP and Delhi municipal polls, Opposition leaders are making a combined appeal for unity to challenge the growth of the Hinduvta party.

One of the Opposition leaders Sitaram Yuchury said the challenge was to build a narrative of “real nationalism” versus the “Hindutva nationalism” of the BJP. The Marxist leader said that BJP was strategically using the communal card and had brought about a fusion of its communal agenda with the developmental theme.

“Facts of the case are at variance from what the BJP propagates. “One per cent citizens held 49% of the country’s wealth when the BJP took office. The same one percent today controls 58.5% of the wealth. The rich have been getting richer. The Opposition parties need to build an effective counter narrative,” he said.