The Islamic Practice and Dawah Circle (IPDC) Canberra launched an Islamic Lecture Series on the Saturday 6 May 2017 at Boiler House Lecture Theater, Building 14, University of Canberra.

Over 350 community people were present at the event including Imams of Mosques and presidents of Islamic organisations in ACT and community leaders. The Chief Guest was Sheikh Khalid Al-Ghamdi, Imam of the Masjid Al Haram, The grand mosque in Makkah.

Special guests included Mr Meshal AlRogi, Acting Ambassador from the Embassy of the Saudi Arabia in Canberra as well as representatives from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, diplomatic missions in Canberra.

The program was opened by the IPDC ACT President, Dr Majharul Talukder and the guests were welcomed by IPDC Acting Central President Dr Ismail Hossain.

Dr Hossain provided an overview of IPDC’s activities and programmes and emphasised its welfare and community service programmes for the wider Australian community.

Sheikh Khalid Al-Ghamdi gave a long speech about the contemporary world and responsibilities of Muslims at the family and community level. There was a Q&A session where Sheikh Al-Ghamdi addressed queries from the audience.

Sheikh Adam Konda, Imam of  Canberra Islamic Center (CIC) provided the translation of the speech by Sheikh Al-Ghamdi.

Community leaders at the event included Mr Abdul Hakim, President, Islamic Society of ACT (ISAC), Mr Mainul Haque, Mr Osman Adam, President, Canberra Muslim Youth (CMY), Dr Kamran Shafi, Mr Waseem Razvi, President of IREA amongst others.

At the conclusion of the program, Sheikh Al-Ghamdi presented gifts to IPDC Central and State president together with light refreshment and salatul Maghrib led by the Sheikh Al- Ghamdi.

IPDC is actively engaged in various social activities in Australia since the year 2000. It has branches/chapters in NSW, ACT, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.