It’s one of those days when you’ve a flurry of thoughts but when you try to pen them down, your mind just wanders off. How hard it would be to deal with feelings you can’t find words to express!? It makes me wonder.

Thoughts can be weird at times; too strong to be stuffed into one post yet purposeless to be discussed,  but there’s comfort in imagining that there are so many people out there who can relate to us. There are way too many similarities in our hearts that keep us connected than the differences in our minds that divide us. Thank you for stopping by!

There is absolute silence surrounding me with the morning sun gently diffusing warmth & lending a slight pinkish tinge to my skin. I’m trying to focus on the rhythms of breathing savouring the feel of existence. I’m alive. And I’m grateful.

The window frame on my left displays a picture perfect view of the sun and the sky getting creative mixing and matching many shades of grey. Clouds that were few and floating randomly before have now cuddled each other like long lost buddies. The air is filled with sounds of thunderstorm laughters; seems like they are committed to squandering precious rainwater down to the last drop. This has made the sky look mysteriously grim!

Did you know that a large amount of light passes through clouds when they are thin and they appear white too? But the thicker they become, the harder it is for light to be transmitted.

Take some time out to reflect on your heart when it becomes obscured or doubtful? Think about something you might have done subconsciously for as long as you can remember.

There’s only so much a heart can contain, so comes a point when the heart bursts open in dire need of distillation. Precisely it’s time to let the light in and let go of all that has been piled up weighing you down.

Hearts are divine courtyards where the presence of Beloved God looms large. Strive to acquire qualities of truth and humility and let God’s light illuminate every corner of your heart. Let there be nothing inside but the resonance of Almighty.