A highly inspiring and motivating seminar was held at the Emporium Lounge in Bankstown on Friday 7 April where the main speaker was Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed. The event was attended by more than 400 people, predominantly women.         

Yasmin is an author, international speaker and a writer for Huffington Post, who focuses her work on spiritual and personal development.

Her talk captivated the audience for more than three hours with a question and answer session in between. She delved into how to navigate through difficult situations in one’s life whereby you see the silver lining and not only get through the storm but rise above the storm.

Yasmin emphasised three important aspects in creating a strong foundation in one’s life. Spiritual tools that help us navigate things like depression and anxiety.

She advised people to follow these and they would absolutely see a transformation in their life, psychologically, spiritually, emotionally and in terms of their relationships.

He pointed out the prescription given from Allah and His messenger Mohammad (s):

  1. Salah (prayer) – 5 times a day and on time just like its keeping you alive like oxygen.
  2. Athkar (duas) – 3 being the most important, morning, evening and before sleeping.
  3. Quran – Understanding and applying. Consistency is more important than quantity.

We all need some guidance in our lives, especially in times of hardship.

Yasmin’s talk was highly informative and insightful. She not only taught the audience ways to survive and thrive in times of hardship but all how to leverage our hardships to become stronger and closer to Allah.

Yasmin Mogahed’s best-selling book, Reclaim your Heart, can be bought at online bookshops and available at most Islamic bookstores.